Vegan shoes, made with our Microfibre “SupaSole” instead of Suede Soles.

Entry level shoes suitable for ballroom or latin.

Roller hook buckle.

Closed toe design in Flesh Satin with 2½” Flare heel.

Our Vegan Supasole is a man-made microfibre sole. It is created using microfibre instead of suede but it looks and feels the same. To care for this sole we advise using our Supasole brush which is specifically designed for this more delicate sole.



Heel Height & Shape

2 " Flare (6.5 cm)


2 (UK), 2.5 (UK), 3 (UK), 3.5 (UK), 4 (UK), 4.5 (UK), 5 (UK), 5.5 (UK), 6 (UK), 6.5 (UK), 7 (UK), 7.5 (UK), 8 (UK), 8.5 (UK)

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