Flavia Girls


With the three-way strap, the ‘Girls Flavia’ is a very popular choice for the girls. It features a five strap front for added support and is available online from size 10-5 and also in different width fittings. Our adults ‘Flavia’ is a very popular design within our Ladies Latin collection so our ‘Girls Flavia’ is really popular because there is a similar adults shoe to make the transition too as they grow.

  • Adaptable strap, which can come under the foot (as pictured), but can also run straight across the ankle, or around the ankle
  • Built to offer support for the younger dancer, as well as flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Gel padding for lightweight cushioned support
  • Made in England

Dark Tan

Heel Height & Shape


Kids sizing

1.5(UK), 1(UK), 10.5(UK), 10(UK), 11.5(UK), 11(UK), 12.5(UK), 12(UK), 13.5(UK), 13(UK), 2.5(UK), 2(UK), 3.5(UK), 3(UK), 4.5(UK), 4(UK), 5(UK)

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