The ‘G1013’ is one of our Dansport Basics collection styles for Girls. It’s a very classic girls design with straps which is available on our 1.5″ Junior heel from sizes 5.5-7 (for sizes 1-5, click here). It’s perfect for a new young dancer or social dancer looking for a lower heel as it offers the right amount of support too.

  •     Adaptable three-way strap, which can go under the foot, round the ankle or cut to go straight across the ankle
  •     Plain buckle for examination compliance
  •     Quick release ‘hook’ buckle for convenience
  •     Lightweight with gel padding for a cushioned fit
  •     Excellent price for an entry-Level dance shoe
Style Type



Dark Tan


2 (UK), 2.5 (UK), 3 (UK), 3.5 (UK), 4 (UK), 4.5 (UK), 5 (UK), 5.5 (UK), 6 (UK), 6.5 (UK), 7 (UK), 7.5 (UK), 8 (UK), 8.5 (UK)

Heel Height & Shape

2" Jnr


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