The Ray Rose Windrush mens ballroom dance shoe is made using the highest quality patent, for maximum comfort and increased flexibility. A foam lining is used for additional comfort.

A flexible base to the dance shoe and a soft toe guard help you point your foot with ease.

The Windrush has a distinctive split sole design for even greater flexibility.

This dance shoe benefits from a durable latex arch support.

Style Type




Size Men

10 (UK), 10.5 (UK), 11 (UK), 11.5 (UK), 12 (UK), 5 (UK), 5.5 (UK), 6 (UK), 6.5 (UK), 7 (UK), 7.5 (UK), 8 (UK), 8.5 (UK), 9 (UK), 9.5 (UK)

Heel Height & Shape



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